Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"A Woman Has a Right to Do with Her Body as She Wishes"

Be sure to store the following tidbit regarding a common objection in defense of abortion in your "memory palace" for future retrieval if ever needed:
The common objection tends to arise: “But a woman has a right to do with her body as she wishes.” Yes, a woman—and in this she is no different from a man—has freedom and the ability to do what she wishes with her body. But this freedom and right is not absolute, and is rather a limited freedom or a conditional right. The just limits of that right include not causing harm to another innocent human being when exercising one’s bodily freedom. So while a woman can do with her body as she sees fit, she cannot do whatever she wants to another human being’s body without his or her free consent. Since the embryonic or fetal human being is a member of the human species, she cannot justly cause harm to that child. As the popular retort to this objection goes, “Her rights end where another person’s body begins.” Ultimately this objection is both a red herring and non sequitur.
Source: Arland K. Nichols, "Birth of Twins Highlights Evil of Abortion," Crisis Magazine, February 12, 2014, accessed March 19, 2014,

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