Thursday, March 19, 2015

Memo: Semiological Replacements—the Natural for the Supernatural

Memo to examine semiological replacements of the natural for the supernatural.

Question: when the supernatural is increasingly displaced, will the natural replace it?

Working definitions: 1) Supernatural: the whole realm of the object of faith and its relations, especially sociological-moral; 2) Natural: the realm of creatures, finite objects, particularly touching sociological-moral matters.

Examples of some sociological-moral matters: global market and economy (capitalism vs. communism); eugenics; smoking (; environment; health and dieting; Saints vs. celebrity role models; hierarchical and informed authorities vs. popular authorities; etc.

The above can be aptly summed up in humanitarian activist work; working for world peace in various ways is especially popular.

Creativity in business also is on the rise in ways that combine cultural values, such as independence and relation.

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