Thursday, March 19, 2015

Memo: Modernist Influences Among Conservative Catholic Communities

Memo to think of and develop sociological surveys to measure modernist influences among conservative and so-called Traditionalist Catholic communities.

Specific dimensions would include the values that underlie liberalism in its various manifestations: political, economic, philosophical. Aesthetics (beauty), morality/ethics, metaphysics (especially hierarchical nature), epistemology (can we know/prove objective morality, God's existence and attributes, human nature, etc.). Social values: independence, human dignity and rights, education, career path, identity formation, subculture, delinquency (drug use, abuse, drop out rates, crime patterns). Religious values (modesty).

Science vs. religion; faith vs. reason; the relation of business, money, and work with faith and small communities (e.g. are there any such Catholics who occupy the so-called "super rich" upper class?).

Is religion and faith seen principally through a modern liberal lens? Etc.

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