Monday, June 5, 2017

A Meme Summary of Jordan Peterson's Thought

To climb your dominance hierarchy, you need to slay your dragon of chaos and rescue your virgin, roughly speaking. And a fundamental presupposition is that dragons hoard gold and are very low in agreeableness. And the thing about dragons is that they can eat you, eh? So pay attention. But otherwise you slip into nihilism, and you'll end up, say, bitter and resentful because life is suffering. That's why you got to clean your room and rescue your dead father from the belly of the whale/the underworld—because he's been sent to the Gulags, sunshine. You gotta slay the archetypal snake, y'know. You need to be high in conscientiousness and know your own capacity for evil because the shadow self goes all the way down to hell. You got to embrace your inner monster at every level; that's one way of thinking about it. And we just don't know the upper limits to that, so... Sort yourself out. Take responsibility, carry your load, bear your suffering so that your life will have meaning. Don't be a bloody Neo-Marxist. Don't be a puppet. Don't be a mouthpiece for language you detest. Because I'm not using those words. They're the creation of radical left-wing ideologues, and they're low resolution, and I'm not doing it. You must ascend the set of all possible dominance hierarchies, and that's that, bucko, and that's no joke.


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