Thursday, February 2, 2017

Commentary on "Is Contemporary Christianity a Suicide Cult?"

My commentary on the following essay:


This is a very interesting essay, and I agree largely with its analysis of the dire social problems of modern, Western Christianity. I agree with the trajectory that the author notes, namely, this form of liberal Christianity will biologically kill itself within a few generations.

Perhaps I am reading too much into the author's intent; perhaps the author intends simply to point out the unfortunate social/biological consequence of this form of Christianity, but I can't help but notice that the principal criticism it gives to contemporary ecclesiastical leaders is that they "have bad genes for self-preservation."

This analysis, without further qualification, implies a reduction of religion to its evolutionary usefulness. If it does not transcend this pragmatist analysis, then the alternative proposed (as in "ethno-religion") is only another mountain of the modern political topography, one more option on the smorgasbord of liberalism, placing the individual above all.

So very likely contemporary Christianity is a suicide cult, and perhaps the real reason is that it has lost its moorings in the supernatural reality that started it.


Source: Alfred W. Clark, "Is Contemporary Christianity a Suicide Cult?," Occam's Razor blog, January 28, 2017, accessed February 2, 2017,

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