Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Memo: Theology of Apostolate and Its Modern Applications

There must be a theology of the apostolate that not only summarizes once again the timeless principles of the spiritual life in its application to apostolate work (e.g. Soul of the Apostolate) but also spells out concretely, rigorously, and simply the specific applications and consequences of these principles in a 21st century context. The following list, while not exclusive, absolutely must be addressed:

The place of social media, specifically media such as Facebook, YouTube, forums, blogs, news websites
Entertainment and the culture industry
Philosophy and psychology of technology
Forms of debate and argumentation, considerations of context
An analysis of pluralism and the fact of general cultural-historical ignorance
Pluralism will include diversity of traditionalisms
The psychology of popularity, identity, and sexuality
Tribal mentalities, in-group thinking, confirmation biases
The subtle influence of foreign mentalities into Catholicism, especially different aspects of modernism, liberalism, and Protestantism--in the areas of Biblical interpretation, morality, philosophy, politics.

I believe that some issues pertaining to the above categories can be resolved logically by a thorough explanation of the universally accepted principles of the theology of the apostolate and spiritual life.

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