Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How to Concretely Spread Traditional Catholicism

 Adapted from Vox Clamantis [Tracy Tucciarone], June 3, 2015 (9:30 p.m.), comment on Michael Levanduski, "Head of Vatican Liturgical Office Says Pope Francis Urged Him to Continue Work o [sic]," Fish Eaters Traditional Catholic Forum, June 3, 2015,

1. Establish the Latin Mass at your parish. Consult this very helpful page from "How to Establish the Traditional Mass in your Parish"

2. Speak to friends and family about the importance of traditional Catholicism a much as possible without being creepy or overbearing, of course.

3. Give financial support only to parishes, fraternities, and seminaries that directly support and spread traditional Catholicism.

4. Put advertisements up for the Latin Mass, the Sacraments in the older right, and resources on telephone posts and other public areas, especially in local parishes. Prepare flyers to hand out.

5. Lead RCIA programs and introduce neophytes and catechumens to traditional Catholicism.

6. Bring in orthodox, traditional priests to lead an old-fashioned mission in a parish.

7. Start website and blogs or send friends/family to existing sites.

8. Get academic degrees, write books and articles from the Catholic perspective (or at least incorporating traditional theology or philosophy where relevant), teach, obtain tenure, and introduce traditional Catholicism into academia.

9. Write movie and book reviews from a traditional Catholic perspective.

10. Respond to anti-Catholic bigotry in a winsome manner. Learn how to be an effective apologist by mastering critical thinking abilities, obtaining knowledge, and developing personal character, integrity, and sanctity. For resources on critical thinking and how to interact well, look at these Protestant resources, for example:,

11. Write your own movie screenplays, books, and short stories founded in a Catholic worldview. Introduce beautiful art into culture.

12. Make smart, interesting videos for video websites like YouTube or Vimeo. These videos can be excellent vehicles for apologetics not only for traditional Catholicism specifically but the Catholic faith in general, responding to secularists "with class, style, brains, and humor."

13. Pray in public: Rosary, before meals, cross yourself in front of a church, a graveyard, when you hear a siren. Bow your head at Jesus' name.

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