Friday, November 28, 2014

Zizek on the Illusion of Nature

Humans are becoming a "geological factor," not simply one species among others. Paradoxically, therefore, "nature does not exist," as in the idea of nature that we commonly accept as a "balanced, harmonized circulation, which is then destroyed through excessive human agency," this doesn't exist. Nature itself is "crazy," a "series of mega-catastrophes." Nature isn't a puppy we need to protect to put it another way. It is a lion that could destroy us at any moment. Technology is an extension of nature, of human nature. Zizek therefore questions, "What is the extent of our omnipotence?" We must accept the fact that we live in an irreversibly technological world; well, the only fathomable way that such a condition is irreversible is if "nature" annihilated the entire human population.

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