Friday, July 11, 2014

Memo: Contemporary Self-Help & Relationality

A memo for future study. I suspect that a lot of contemporary self help theories and practices that revolve around notions of consciousness, mind, "spirituality," a sort of quasi-pantheism (relating to such things as the law of attraction; cf. The Secret), other movements like NLP and its derivatives, other psychological and quasi-psychological movements, etc. all can be fundamentally explained metaphysically by a thorough examination of the extent and implications of the accident of relation.

I suspect that relation will reveal the hidden truths contained in many of these movements, explain their apparent effectiveness, and when integrated into the rigorous whole of metaphysics, protect such theories from exaggeration or error (such as using pantheistic terms to describe our relation to the universe and our intentionality). Relation will make sense also of the connection between psychology (I'm thinking here specifically of intentionality and how that term is thoroughly abused in today's New Age movements) and the nature of being itself in its different modalities.

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