Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Scientific Case for Feminine Modesty

I'll have to look more in-depth into the scientific sources later, but it seems that psychological studies are revealing that male attraction is pretty straightforward: it's image based, physical appearances. Despite some variations in secondary sex characteristics, the basics are globally common: men are attracted to youthful appearances, fit bodies, right proportion, etc., and this attraction seems to be rooted in genetics more so than cultural conditioning.

But the sources of attraction for women are vastly complex and remain unsettled; physical attraction is by far not a common factor for female attraction.

The case for feminine modesty must take into account this biological reality of male and female human appropriation of their environments and each other. Men are attracted by physical appearance, for better or for worse. On the other hand, women are not attracted to physical appearance with the same regularity or consistency as men. This fact certainly doesn't mean that men should not dress modestly themselves.

Modest dress, we must remember, is not simply to cover the body although this is its primary function. Dress also serves to show respect for the body as a temple of the Holy Ghost. Dress gives us dignity; the nude body in Judeo-Christian thought is not a dignified object as nude but dignified as body created good. Dress is a sign of respect and care for what ought to be held sacred. Then, feminine modest dress also takes into account the simple reality of male attraction for physical beauty.

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